Founded by creative professionals with a real passion for design – Now Then is here to help your business fulfil its true potential through creative, concept-driven design work and unique, impactful marketing. Today, we’re trusted by organisations of all sizes, from regional start-ups, right up some of the world’s biggest companies, delivering the creative ideas and innovative designs that drive businesses forward. We believe that to be the best, your business needs to look like the best, which is why we focus on creating stunning, original design work.

Whether you’re looking for ground-breaking design, a leading-edge website, eye-catching advertising or quality content, our talented, professional team will set your business apart from its competitors. Whatever your business wants to achieve, our aim is the same – to create striking work that reflects your business perfectly, resonates with your target audience and helps you to achieve your goals.

Branding that really benefits your business

Creating a brand goes far beyond the logo.

Successful branding it’s about defining your organisation, its goals and key messages, and creating an impactful visual identity that will represent your business positively and consistently across all your communication.

At Now Then, we’re branding specialists, working with clients from across the world to create original, desirable and effective brands that engage with their target audiences.

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